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Elizabeth is an experienced educator, enthusiastic

knitter and passionate fiber artist with over 30 years of experience. Her fiber art philosophy enhances the technical, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of knitting. She embraces the opportunity to assist others to use fiber arts as a tool to relax, expand creativity, think outside the box and reach personal goals.
OUR MISSION Auntie Zaza's Fiber Works is committed to bringing out the best in individuals and building community.  Our unique fiber studio and yarn shop invites youngsters and teens to discover the art of knitting and fiber work.  As a sage knitter, Auntie Zaza is committed to passing the wisdom of the ages to our young.  Adults interested in learning as well as those experienced knitters will find new ideas, make new friends and contribute to strengthening community.  Auntie Zaza's community mission is to collaborate with local businesses and organizations in an effort to participate in the transformation of the center of town.  Auntie Zaza encourages artists and small shop owners to come together with a commitment to transform our unique historic town.   Auntie Zaza has a vision of "Neighborhood Walk About"  with people strolling the Main Street, listening to live music, enjoying art galleries and specialty shops.  Easton is ready for the arts to revitalize our community.  Auntie Zaza brings a heart beat to the center of Easton's beautiful village encouraging and supporting people to slow down, enjoy each other and our beautiful surroundings.  Please stop by and say hi!!  Meet Elizabeth, Don, Linda, Betsy and Debra.

Don is an experienced artist who commits himself to

excellence in all that he undertakes. He enjoys transforming our surroundings and making the world a better place through his work and his colors. He is a joy to be around and offers a warm, welcoming greeting to everyone he meets. Don has an attention to detail that surpasses many. He is a novice to the world of fiber and an expert in connecting with people. Don sources a welcoming and nurturing environment.
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Linda is an enthusiastic fiber artist who enjoys sharing her creative process with others.  Linda offers unique classes in felting and fiber creations.  Linda shares her creative fiber ideas with learners at all levels.  She offers a variety of programs that allow the complete novice to experience fiber art.   In addition, Linda is an experienced knitter who offers coaching in learning to knit small objects such as doll clothes, hats, scarves, cowls and more.  Come create with Linda Thursday and Friday afternoon! Debra  crochet and knitting enthusiast for over forty years, joins the crochet team as she offers her expertise in decoding patterns and teaching crochet stitch work and techniques.  If you always wanted to learn to crochet or want to develop your skills, Debra teach you. Fundamentals in crochet are useful for every knitter. She will work with you on a pattern of your choice or assist you in selecting a project.  Each class offers something new and exciting as you learn to advance your skills. Betsy spinning expert shares her wisdom in both individual and group sessioins in the following techniques. 1.  Fiber Preparation;  Learn to clean and card wool.  Prepare a rolag for spinning.  Learn about dying yarn and integrating multiple fibers, as Betsy outlines the details of Fiber Prep. 2.  Develop spinning techniques:  Whether you are seeking to refine your develop your technique or to join with those of like mind or you are a true beginner this class will meet your needs.  Betsy will individual a learning experience to assist you in learning the fundamentals of spinning or refining your technique.